Bursaki 14, 20-150 Lublin


Centrum Eksportu i Logistyki Klementynka S.A. provides its clients high-quality services

  • Frozen product storage services.

We have the best conditions for storing frozen fruit and vegetables. A cutting-edge storage chamber handed over operation in 2016 guarantees that your products will be stored in the right conditions, as arranged in a storage agreement.

  • Cargo repackaging.

Thanks to our experienced staff managed by executives with long-standing experience, we can guarantee the safe and fast repacking of your cargo to the selected packaging of your choice – bags, cartons and smaller sales packages.

  • Pallet labelling and stretching, preparing cargo for transport.

Our services streamline the trading operations of our partners, and our systems and implemented procedures guarantee the reliable and quick preparation of stored cargo for despatch.

  • Packing frozen products into packaging with a range of capacities.

We offer a broad selection of packaging to choose from, depending on your preference, from collective packages – cartons, bags – to sales packages with own labels and dedicated packaging.

  • Organising and arranging the transport of frozen products.

Thanks to our experience in the organisation of the transportation of temperature-sensitive products, we can provide the highest-quality forwarding organisation services. We cooperate on an ongoing basis with several transport companies, whom we commission with transport. The possibility of linking supplies and our minimum delivery requirements form an important part of our services.